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OTT Complementary Solutions

Components you need to make your OTT Service perform better

Cloud-based Stream-Monitoring

Live Streaming is becoming the backbone of next-generation OTT Services, yet they present new challenge in terms of stability and performance, less evident in typical Web video sites. Our Cloud based handles monitoring, alerting and automated restarting solidifying the service and providing new level of peace of mind  

HLS Stream Manipulation

Modern OTT is adopting HLS as a key streaming protocol, following iOS dominance in streaming standards. Our solutions can manipulate these streams to achieve specialized segment replacement, recording and re-distribution to achieve optimized monetization scenarios

CDN Extensions

Implementations of uncommon stream-routing requirements via intermediate stream servers

File Distribution

Store & Forward solutions bringing content to edge location and saving costs when real-time is not required 

Ads Integration

Implementation of low cost ad decisioning and campaign managers adopted to specific project needs

Analytics Front-End

Gathering of multiple sources into a unified comprehensive dashboard and combined graphic displays  

Our Services

Service packaging and provisioning adopted to different needs

Technical Consulting

Technology Selection
Trending Solutions
Streaming & CMS
Delivered via:
Detailed Reports
White Papers
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Analysis and Design

Scalability & Reliability
Delivered via:
Recommended Setup
Alternative Configurations
Detailed Design
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Project Management

Team Coordination
Customer Communications
Delivered via:
Sharing Web Tools
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Product Development

Outsourced RND
End-to-End Responsibility
Predefined Cost Limits
Delivered via:
Experienced Team
Cutting Edge Technology
Agile Methodologies
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Sample Projects

OTT-based hotel-TV solution based on streaming live to sites and unattendant, Android-based TV stream-players integrated with existing infrastructure

Closed-network ISP Streaming System
Remotely Managed Embedded HD Stream Player

Dynamic, in-the-Cloud stream-monitoring solution generating real-time alerts on live-stream failure, quality issues and excess buffering states 

Robust Cloud-based Stream Analyzer
Web-based Control & Configuration Panel

Geo-Blocking Sub-System that combines dynamic, content-aware filtering with region targeting enabling advanced monetization strategy

Time and EPG based Control
Web-based Management System